Monthly Archives: January 2012

It's just a flag … get over it

As a result of some tensions on Australia Day, some individuals on the day received media attention by burning the Australian flag. This was seen by many as highly disrespectful. Others saw it as practically sacrilege based on their reactions. To be honest? People need to step back and consider what the flag is. The… Read More »

On analysts consistently selling down Apple

  In most lines of work, there’s a word we use to describe people who consistently fail at their jobs. Whether it’s a system administrator who constantly does the wrong thing and crashes servers, or a checkout assistant who breaks eggs every time he places them in a bag, or blood test analyst who constantly… Read More »

Translating Margaret Court's Opinion Piece in the Herald Sun

Today in the Herald Sun, Margaret Court (yes, the same Margaret Court who has been complaining bitterly that she’s being stopped from talking) wrote an opinion piece entitled “Priority is to protect marriage“. I thought I’d take a few minutes to translate what I’m reading in some of the key points she makes in the… Read More »

Finder Bug with Folders

I just experienced a nasty bug with Finder which results in data loss. Thankfully in this situation I had a copy of the original file, but it’s a very unpleasant bug. Scenario: A customer sent me a zip file called I unzipped the file, which created the directory var_adm_messages, and in that directory it… Read More »

The simple fats

It’s fair to say that I am a large man. While that’s something that can be frequently admired in the bear community, it’s not something I’m particularly proud of, though I’ve learned to live with it. Maybe I’ll eventually manage to drop some weight, but I’ve had (no pun intended) bigger problems to deal with… Read More »

How's that search going for you, LaCie?

I’m frequently staggered by the inability of vendors, large and small, to provide decent search capabilities on their websites. This routinely happens across the entire spectrum of vendors, from hardware to OS to application, large and small. Search is not supplied by providing a search field and button somewhere in the header or footer of… Read More »

What they say / what I hear

There are four really common rebuttals to homosexuality touted by various religions, and given that not only are homophobic men are very likely to be aroused by homosexual behaviour, but homophobic rebuttals tend to have minimal to no logic in them, I thought it worthwhile running through those four arguments – what they say, and what… Read More »