Monthly Archives: December 2011

Don't feed the trolls

Every now and then I see someone (hopefully jokingly!) make reference to some problem they’re having, and how they’re going to contact one of the Australian “current affair” TV programmes. These aren’t current affairs programmes; they’re bogan hysteria generation systems deliberately designed to make people get indignant about either the wrong or the inconsequential things… Read More »

Making sense of gay rights

The extreme right, bigots, bogans, and other suppressors of social advancement often spout the nonsense that gays, lesbians, transexuals, intersexed and bisexual folk are after special rights when we talk about sensitive issues, such as say, the right to marry. Since this is seemingly a really difficult concept to understand, I’ve decided to flowchart it. After… Read More »

5,506 days

Darren and I consider the start of our relationship proper to be 30 November 1996. That means as of today, as I type this post, we’ve been together for 5,506 days. Yet somehow, we don’t qualify for marriage. On the other hand: Sinead O’Connor announced today that her and her latest husband split after 16 days… Read More »

Dear Barnaby: Screw you

I’ve been thinking a little more about the pathetic diatribe Barnaby Joyce made in the Canberra Times a few days ago, and the utter hypocrisy therein. In particular, when calling atheists “the sneaky sect”, he claimed: Yes, this sect’s followers make their way on to your veranda then hold a righteous court of sneering indignation… Read More »

A man walks out of a psychologist’s office

So on Friday I effectively had my last session with my psychologist. I’ve worn him out – he’s moving to Brisbane. Well, that’s only half true. He is moving to Brisbane, but it’s for reasons entirely unrelated to me. While in theory I could go do more sessions, perhaps finding another therapist, I walked into Friday’s… Read More »