Monthly Archives: November 2011

The sixth sense

There’s a lot of crackpots and charlatans out there that’ll tell you they have extra-sensory perception. What skeptics seem to invariably find with such people is they’re either outright frauds, or they’re just very good at reading people. (As someone such as Derren Brown tries to point out.) Unlike all those crackpots and charlatans though,… Read More »

A fair go for everyone!

Australia, where we believe in a fair go for everyone! Well, unless you want to get married to someone of the same sex. Australia, where we believe in a fair go for all heterosexuals! (GLBTI are second classers.) Well, unless you’re an indigenous Australian under the auspice of the Northern Territory Intervention. Australia, where we… Read More »

But it's traditional

Imagine a society where we only did things if they had been traditionally done. …if we go back 50 years in Australia, the indigenous population were not allowed to vote; that was 1967. …if we go back 50 years in Australia, people were still being executed for crimes. Technically that wasn’t stopped until 2010, though the… Read More »

What's a choice?

Sometimes it’s confusing as to what you can choose, and what you have no say in, and I thought I might set out some examples to help bring a little enlightenment to this. Here goes… Something you don’t get a choice about: Your sexuality: Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. You are what you are, and fighting it… Read More »

Same-sex marriage: countering the arguments

There’s a plethora of standard arguments used as to why same-sex marriage shouldn’t be permitted. I want to quickly run them over with a bit of logic: Marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman. Actually, same-sex marriage was practiced in many parts of society, and indeed even the Roman Catholic church, ending within… Read More »

What is this, a welfare state?

It’s long been acknowledged that an unfortunate national trait in Australia is “tall poppy syndrome”; that’s where if someone becomes popular, or successful, it’s almost seen as a bad thing. This can lead to savage personal attacks on celebrities, politicians, etc., for no other real reason than “they’re more successful than I”. Unfortunately, a growing trait… Read More »

Liberty and equality

The great French thinker, Voltaire, is famously quoted as saying: “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This has shaped a great deal of Western democracies, either directly or subtly, and it undoubtedly has its place. But it’s time to revisit the notion that… Read More »