Monthly Archives: October 2011

Screw you, Qantas

What a bunch of conniving, petulant, self-aggrandizing scumbags. Qantas are now doing the media blowjob circuit insisting that unless the government uses its powers to prevent any further industrial action by the unions of its staff members, it’ll keep its fleet grounded indefinitely. I’ve seen this sort of behaviour before – it’s usually at a… Read More »

Advice to my younger self: don't change a thing

If I were to somehow travel back in time and were able to give my younger self some advice without causing a temporal paradox, I can honestly say that I’d give only one piece of advice: don’t change a thing. The above photo was taken when I was somewhere around 4 years old, and much… Read More »

I know what humanity really needs to be saved from

In an article in the UK Telegraph, we’re told that Pope Ratzinger recently declared in an address that “saving” humanity from homosexuality and transexuality can be compared to saving the environment: In his address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, the Pope himself described behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations as “a destruction of God’s… Read More »

Happy Gay Anniversary

With all the talk about “gay marriage rights” really just being about “marriage rights”, I thought I might spend a moment to actually talk about something that justifiably can have the “gay” appellation attached to it. A gay anniversary. We found out last night that this weekend marks the 31st Anniversary of the Laird Hotel.… Read More »

Monsters from the Id

Monsters John. Monsters from the Id. On Friday morning, after feeling a little anxiety rising, I found myself again sitting down to another 50 minute session with my psychologist. We started talking about language and the way I ‘see’ conversations when I’m post-analysing, as a result of use of the word ‘issues’ in the previous… Read More »

Will the vulcan klingon?

Yesterday morning I made my first visit to a psychologist. It was more of an introductory session – exploratory, if you will. The psychologist was probably as much as anything wanting to make sure that we could achieve results together, since everyone in mental health seems very clear that one of the biggest challenges is… Read More »

Where RIM went wrong

In case it’s not been immediately obvious to anyone, I’ve done some simple diagrams to explain where RIM went wrong in this catastrophic outage they’ve been suffering. You see, most companies implement what we call redundant infrastructure. In systems that require high availability, this is often accomplished with something as simple as clustered (either LAN… Read More »

The Powerless Ones

“They were Gods once, but their worshippers either died out or were converted to the worship of other Gods. They wail and flutter around the edges of reality without substance or even thought. All they have is need.” (“The Hidden City”, David Eddings.) I’m not much of a David Eddings fan these days. These days… Read More »