Monthly Archives: September 2011

Trusting talk

Last night I went to the VicBears Open Community Forum for R U OK Day. Going into it, I wasn’t 100% sure what I’d make of it, and true to my introvert tendencies I sat, wallflower like, most of the evening, and absorbed what was being said for later processing. The three speakers – Christopher Banks,… Read More »

Am I OK?

Lots of people are posting today about R U OK day, but I thought I might take a slightly different tack. As I’ve mentioned in some other posts, I’ve spent years not being all that impressed with myself. The move to Melbourne has been, in so many ways, cathartic, because it’s pulled me out of… Read More »

82 reasons to maintain the rage

Occasionally someone with a strong religious background has decided to ‘chide’ me for arguing so strongly for gay rights. After all, people are entitled to their point of view, aren’t they? As I’ve said before, not when their demand for religious freedom significantly hampers the personal freedom of others. But that’s not even the main reason why… Read More »

Bob Katter wants his gay desserts

In a recent rally against same-sex marriage, Bob Katter, Australia’s answer to “how conservative can a politician get without wearing horsehair underpants?”, pulled out the completely batshit crazy excuse for arguing against same-sex marriage – that being that the word “gay” had been taken away from him: The Queensland MP harked back to a time… Read More »

The problem with omniscience

As an atheist, I find the notion of an omniscient deity hilarious. Why? Try this simple logical exercise: An omniscient deity sees everything. At any given time, there will be depraved people watching child pornography. Every time someone is watching child pornography, an omniscient deity watches it too. In fact, an omniscient deity not only… Read More »

The hour of the wolf and social networking

It’s unsurprising that a time common in literature is that period from around 2am to dawn. It can be a bleak time if you’re awake and alone with your thoughts, and as someone who not only resents sleep, but used to suffer regular nightmares, and periodically has bouts of insomnia, it’s a time I’m familiar… Read More »

America, that's sick

  It’s this sort of story that makes me realise the United States of America is largely a sick society. I’m not talking about people being unhealthy, I’m talking about a health system which is so crippled by profit margins and a general disdain for fellow citizens that people are denied absolute basic medical treatment.… Read More »