Monthly Archives: September 2011

How often do you come out?

Christopher Banks (aka @bipolarbear) has a great article, David Farrier: Sex with dolphins and the gay agenda, where he takes to task the notion that being closeted is in some way easy. In particular, referring to a New Zealand journalist, David Farrier, Christopher says: To be fair, David isn’t the kind of guy who regularly… Read More »

Follow the yellow brick road…

The old idiom of “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” doesn’t only just apply to physical journeys. Yesterday was quite a surreal birthday. The day started with a plethora of people posting happy birthday greetings on my Facebook wall (that continued right through until this morning, in fact), and ended… Read More »

Translating the latest memo from Yahoo! management

Remember Yahoo!? There was a point in time when they were pretty cool. I have to admit, I can’t remember the last time I went to a Yahoo! affiliated website. There’s definitely a growing collection of basket-case tech companies, with Yahoo! and RIM most notably in there. It seems increasingly likely there’ll be need for… Read More »

Why capital punishment is inherently evil

Capital punishment is based on two flawed assumptions: People are infallible: Justice is fallible. Life is replete with examples of justice failing.Bought judges, judges with their own agendas, etc. The same conservatives that would argue judges are infallible will usually say that a gay judge can’t consider matters about gay rights, etc. The state is… Read More »

Step right up, step right up, place your bets

There seems to be something suitably ironic in the fact that the first appointment that I could get with my GP in order to start the “I think I’ve got a mental health issue” discussion happens to be my birthday. Since it’ll be followed by a birthday dinner with my two best friends, I guess… Read More »

Take a crazy ride with me

Earlier in the week I blogged about going to an RU OK forum, leaving with much food for thought, and needing to do some processing. It’s funny how you can come up with all sorts of rationales and sophist responses as a shield against facing up to reality. When you’ve been doing that for quite… Read More »

What amazing candidates!

The Supreme Court in the United States has issued a last minute stay of execution for a man in Texas, after: “jurors were told he posed a greater danger to public safety because he is black.” Not only that: “The justices acted on an emergency appeal after Texas Gov. Rick Perry and state judges refused… Read More »

7 signs you may have obsessive compulsive disorder

I definitely have tendencies that left unattended can head in the direction of OCD. Clothes lines, in particular, are a headache for me. I have to work really hard to avoid a situation where any item of clothing hung up with more than one peg has to use the same coloured pegs. So, since I keep… Read More »