Monthly Archives: August 2011

Well yes, that's my plan, anyway

Some of the opponents to same-sex marriage claim that if we start letting men marry men, and women marry women, we’ll end up in a situation where, say: A man and a man want to marry another man; A woman and a woman want to marry another woman; A man and a woman want to… Read More »

Songs of Science Fiction

Are there any good Science Fiction songs written any more? I’m not talking “let’s go to the moon” style songs, such as Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (“Ground Control to Major Tom”), or Elton John’s “Rocketman”, but I’m talking honest to goodness science fiction songs. I personally think the pinnacle of Sci Fi songs was ’39, by… Read More »

The Real Gay Marriage Conspiracy

Psst! You know how us gay people always have an agenda? You know how the arch conservatives and those who trumpet themselves as the moral guardians of society are banging on about how we’re just a bunch of rampant fornicators intent on the destruction of society? Well I repent, I’m going to let you in… Read More »

Bob Katter – Cowardly Bully

Bob Katter showed his true colours last night – cowardice. We’d always known he was a bit of a bully. That loud mouth guy who big notes himself and pontificates loudly (and oft-times incoherently) on the basis that if you shout louder than your opposition is talking, you win. Well last night, Bob Katter went… Read More »

I'm a technologist, fanboy

You want to go on a rant about how one platform is better than the others and that anyone who believes otherwise is a mindless zombie captured by the marketing forces of the company you currently loathe? I’ve got news for you, fanboy. Yes, fanboy. You’re a fanboy. You use the word derisively against others who… Read More »

Climate change: Let Gen-Y take the lead

There was another “no carbon tax” rally in Canberra this week, and one journalist tweeted that he estimated the average age of the attendees to be at least 50. This brought to mind something that I’ve been thinking for a while. I’m 37, I’m part of Gen-X, and realistically I’m approaching that point where I… Read More »