Monthly Archives: July 2011

Labor Right says "Screw representation"

In The Age: Labor’s Right slams gay reform, the right leaning faction of the Labor party finally reveals that it doesn’t really care about representing the people, just some people – presumably the people who agree with it. Regarding the discussions within Labor about changing its official stance towards same-sex marriage: NSW senator Ursula Stephens said… Read More »

Amy and Norway

In the space of a couple of days, we saw a rightwing Christian Fundamentalist terrorist kill over 90 people in Norway, and Amy Winehouse die of most likely a drug overdose. The reaction of some to these two events has been interesting. On Facebook for instance, someone recently commented: There are a lot of people… Read More »

Lion, Spaces, Transparency and Glitching

Honestly, Lion was in beta testing for how many months, and I have to put up with this shit when switching spaces? And no, I’m not the only one – other users are reporting it, and a quick Twitter survey even for me confirmed it. I switch spaces hundreds of times a day. 10.7.1 better fix… Read More »

The slippery slope

The Carbon Tax debate in Australia has in many ways echoed a previous campaign which saw bricks and mortar stores lamenting overseas online retailers. The latest has been the laughably hypocritical ad campaign from Gerry Harvey insisting that if you’re not buying Australian made, you’re being unAustralian. This, from a man who sells a remarkably… Read More »

Hello News Corp my old friend

A tribute to the News of the World and News Corp. Sing along to the music from “The Sound of Silence” (or this instrumental version if it helps): Hello News Corp, my old friend I see you’ve hacked my phones again Because a rumour had you thinking That you’d delve while I was sleeping And… Read More »