Monthly Archives: June 2011

Open source vs Professional

While I regularly use and frequently praise open source software, there’s a cowboy element to it which often gives it a bad name. That’s the element that, for instance, sees some poor newbie (or even some experienced person) ask on a forum, “How do I do X”, and then has 50+ sanctimonious smart arses chime… Read More »

Let the right one in?

Recently I was asked to participate in a survey, from an Australian University, about attitudes regarding ethnicity in gay dating. The vast majority of the questions were centred around – Have you ever been exposed to racism in dating/hook-up sites? Have you ever engaged in racist behaviour in dating/hook-up sites? Not much more than that,… Read More »

Cattle vs Asylum Seekers

Recently high moral outrage has been achieved over the treatment of Australian cows, exported live to Indonesia for slaughter according to religious requirements. This has stirred up an unlikely alliance, including: Vegetarians and vegans; Animal rights activists; Opponents of live animal exports; Bogans. Yes, bogans. This story – innocent animals being slaughtered in an “inhumane”… Read More »

Remember that time when…

…the PC industry enjoyed shit-kicking Apple as the little man? Comeuppance is a bitch. …the pope said that the full weight of the law would be brought against kiddy fiddling priests and those who sheltered them? No, that only happened in Bizarroland. …gays and lesbians were isolated and easy to shit-kick for political gain? The… Read More »