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Specious arguments against gay marriage

To be commended for their intent to provide a balanced view, the Courier Mail gave two writers the chance to argue both for and against Gay Marriage. This was in “Gay marriage – the case for and against | Courier Mail.” However, as is usually the case in these situations, those arguing against pull out… Read More »

Free the geeks

Periodically I see indignant comments from IT people decrying non-IT people describing themselves as geeks. Hell, even Esquire commented on the growing trend of people to call themselves X geeks – most notably, a Miss USA entrant describing herself as a history geek. (“Since when are we all such geeks?”) I don’t see what the… Read More »

Play with my mind (and I'll play with yours)

I love word play. Hell, I love words – why call something green for instance, when you could instead call it chrysoprase? In this sense, I’m probably a bad IT person. (Queue the dodgy music: “You’ve been a Very. Bad. Geek! Learning non-technical words!”) But more than word play, I love mind play. I’m not talking mind… Read More »

7 reasons why we still need gay venues

In “End of the gay road” (The Age, June 23, 2011), we’re told: TEN years ago, Commercial Road was indisputably Melbourne’s queer epicentre: a South Yarra hotspot teeming with gay bars, clubs, cafes and clothing stores. But in the past four weeks, the doors have shut on two of its iconic hotels: the Market and… Read More »

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

I don’t like the information you present, so therefore you should die. That’s what scientists are facing. No, that’s not a literal quote, but I’m summing it up. Such is the stupidity regarding the discussions over climate change in Australia that scientists are now getting death threats. Why? Because they say that climate change is… Read More »

More bullshit about making Telcos improve

In “Telcos on notice to improve service” (The Age, 19 June 2011), the Minister For Censorship AKA the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, is quoted as saying: “I have been warning the telecommunications companies to lift their game for years and I am annoyed that again and again they have failed to do so” He apparently… Read More »

The multiple effects of belonging

It’d be fair to say that I’ve spent almost all my life with the feeling that I’m standing on the outside, looking in. I’ve never really felt that I belonged in any group. Being an introvert certainly helped to create that impression; there’s a certain level of social awkwardness for me in most situations. A… Read More »

Fairfax: Click whores or Windows Fanboys?

I actually quite like Fairfax, generally. They’re somewhat left-wing in their outlook, and as such represent added balance in an oft-times boganised Australian media landscape. However, when it comes to consumer tech stories, I honestly wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. For years, they’ve beaten a big drum bemoaning everything Apple. Thus,… Read More »