Monthly Archives: April 2011

You have a hole in your mind

It’s very likely that in 5 weeks from today, Darren and I’ll be wearily getting up, having slept on an air mattress overnight, and shambolically gathering our last remaining possessions – cats included – we’ll hop into the car and start the long drive to Melbourne. It’s a funny thing; we’re now at that stage… Read More »

Mandatory voting

A lot of democracies use this quaint notion that you only vote if you feel like voting. The United States, the UK, etc., have voluntary voting. Then people from those countries look at Australia and “Tsk Tsk” because we have mandatory voting, which is more akin to say, Iraq in the time of Saddam. Personally,… Read More »

Music and Me

(…or knowing me, knowing you.) It seems ironic that I come back to this old draft just as I’ve been introduced to a great band, Mumford and Sons. (Check The Cave.) Music has a real power over me, particularly when combined with a secondary stimulus. I can watch a sad or poignant moment in a… Read More »

The freedom rule

In an article in the Australian, “Julia Gillard reaches out to Christian Leaders“, I saw yet again the oft-repeated religious cry – this time from someone I wouldn’t piss on if he were on fire, Cardinal George Pell: Cardinal Pell said the leaders told Ms Gillard: “We are very keen to ensure that the right… Read More »

"You're evil, and must be stopped!"

I still remember it clearly. Central Station Sydney, a mid-60s woman staggers back, as if physically assaulted, from the young man she’d been talking to, and shrilly screams, “You’re evil, and must be stopped!” She lets out a sharp sob of anger? frustration? horror?, and staggers away. People hurrying about their business stop for a… Read More »

So you've got a degree; big whoop

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, something which I find moderately pleasing, but doesn’t tend to be something I dwell on too often. Lately I’ve been reflecting somewhat on the previous company I worked for, which collapsed in a screaming heap of debt. Someone senior at the company was – for want of… Read More »

The egregious incapacity of Telstra

Telstra, Australia’s number one phone/internet company in terms of market share, certainly has excellent signal strength, data speed (particularly for mobile broadband) and coverage. For those reasons, much as periodically they figuratively bugger me, I keep coming back. OK, so maybe I’m slightly masochistic, but when their shit works, it really really works. But when… Read More »