Monthly Archives: February 2011

Glenn Beck needs an Emmy

Really. I’m serious. No-one else in the media has ever been able to play “Crazy as a shit sandwich” as well as Beck. There needs to be a new award, or a padded cell. Honestly, the ravings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings of this guy are so nutty that he’s either completely unhinged or he’s an… Read More »

Sage Advice from The Mummy

As I watch the coverage from all these uprisings occurring in repressive nations at the moment, I’m increasingly reminded of a great little exchange in The Mummy that should be taken to heart by all these vicious dictators around the place: Evelyn: You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance. Beni:… Read More »

Should your employer be able to access your Facebook account?

In “Should employers be allowed to access your Facebook Login?“, The Atlantic discusses an issue occurring in the US where the Maryland Correctional Department demands the login name and password for the Facebook accounts of applicants. Here’s the answer to the question posed in the headline: This is reprehensible behaviour on part of an employer.… Read More »

Daedalus takes flight

My ongoing process of getting a tattoo sleeve continued yesterday, with Daedalus being added to my arm. I’m going for the legend of Icarus and Daedalus, with Icarus falling from the Sun, and Daedalus trying to save him. Icarus currently looks like the following: Daedalus appeared yesterday with a bang though: There’s going to be… Read More »

A cell tower in every street!

Those funny folks over in the Coalition are continuing their “we hate NBN” rhetoric, with the alternative, you know, being a fully wireless network. (A wireless network aiming for 10Mbit peak connectivity, that is.) As I said, every time I hear them blathering on about the wonders of wireless technology, I’m reminded of John Malkovich’s… Read More »

The immoral discrimination litmus test

Conservative religious groups make much ado about the “right to religious freedom”, and specifically the subsequent demand that they be allowed to avoid prosecution from discrimination on the basis of those beliefs. This, for the most part, is bovine fecal matter, since for the most part it’s actually about demanding legal freedom to be a… Read More »

No Pope Ratzinger, you're wrong

In a moderately homophobic article, titled “Gay ‘marriages’ to be allowed in church“, the UK Telegraph discusses the impending protests of religious groups in the United Kingdom when proposed legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in churches passes. The Telegraph goes on to say: Pope Benedict said same-sex marriage was among the “most insidious and… Read More »

Public opinion on same-sex marriage

Over at Crikey in December, @pollytics wrote yet another one of his fascinating summaries of polling information – this time on the topic of same-sex marriage. It’s a fantastic, in-depth analysis of the polls, and I’d highly recommend you have a good read of it. For those wanting the quick picture showing how far we’ve… Read More »

Expel this!

In ‘Appalling’ law lets schools expel gay students (Sydney Morning Herald), we’re told: A SENIOR Anglican bishop calls it “appalling” and a gay and lesbian rights group condemns it as “deeply offensive”, but the Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos, backs a NSW law that allows private schools to expel gay students simply for being gay. The law,… Read More »

Consumption without end must end

Recently a bunch of people got very upset with cloud backup provider, Mozy, changing their terms from being Unlimited backup capacity to, well, let’s just say: much less than unlimited. I’ve always known that my use case scenario for backups considerably exceeds that of a cloud backup provider – I have more storage at home… Read More »