Monthly Archives: December 2010

The years are getting shorter / going faster

Ever had anyone tell you that the years are getting shorter, or are going faster? Have you ever said it yourself? When you think about it, there is actually a very basic reason why this seems the case, and it’s got nothing to do with advanced physics, temporal mechanics, or anything along those lines. It’s… Read More »

My 2010 sound track

2010 has been a big year for me in terms of personal growth – a permanent mohawk and tattoo are the most visible manifestations of my changes, and obviously I’ve been making big plans, with Darren, for a move to Melbourne in 2011. Mind you, one of the best compliments I got this year was… Read More »

Cargo cults aren't dead, they just evolved

If you’re not familiar with cargo cults, you might want to read up on them. To summarise though, they sprang up around the Pacific Islands in particular, and mainly had their roots in villagers noticing behaviours associated with more advanced societies using islands for staging and delivery of goods, then imitating that behaviour. From the… Read More »