Monthly Archives: August 2010

Who am I?

A long time ago I thought up the name I’d give my autobiography, if there were ever call for me to write one – “Memoirs of a gay geek”. Later, I rethought and wondered if it should be called “Memoirs of an introverted gay geek”, but that title seemed way too long. (Until of course… Read More »

Annoying inconsistencies in interface design

Everyone knows that I like working with Apple products. Much as I love Apple products, and I find myself at my most productive on them, there are of course times when various features in UI design seem to have … failed … somewhat, and those little failures sometimes drive me nuts. Take for instance, Finder’s… Read More »

An internet democracy

Democracy seems to be a process that increasingly suffers in the age of information and mass media. To a degree, this comes down to the oft touted notion that too much information eventually adversely affects a decision making process. It could be argued that the age of immediate information is a double-edged sword in a… Read More »


For a long time, I had been somewhat interested in getting a tattoo, but could never quite think of the right design. (Recently a friend clarified why I’d been cautious when describing his tattoos as shrines – it’s not just a random bit of art if you do it right, it’s actually something fairly significant.)… Read More »

Illogical arguments

I’m sometimes amazed that illogical arguments can be made to justify nonsensical beliefs that discriminate against others while still keeping a straight face. Take the issue of same-sex couples adopting children. Now, in most of Australia same-sex couples can foster children, and in actual fact gays and lesbians who are single can actually adopt, but… Read More »

An iPhone 4 review in 10 points

Having been excessively tired of Vodafone and their feculent network on the Central Coast, when it was time for the iPhone 4 to be released in Australia, I was in line for two reasons. First, I wanted to update from an iPhone 3G, but perhaps more importantly, I wanted to shift across to a real… Read More »

Psst! Want to bet on the fall of democracy?

I was sickened to read in “Parties bey they will lose” (Sydney Morning Herald) that: Election betting is on track to reach record levels across the country. More than $1 million in head-to-head bets have been placed with Centrebet alone. This obsessive need in Australia to bet on anything and everything that has any indeterminate… Read More »