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Worthwhile iPad games

I’ve had the iPad now for almost exactly two months, and just like the iPhone before it, it’s become a platform that I’m really happy to play games on. Now before I say too much more, I’ll preface the rest of my comments and recommendations with the simple facts: I don’t play PC games. I… Read More »

Good food is about trusting the chef…

Over at Two Long Spoons, Sunshine Mugrabi has posted an excellent piece on rediscovering exciting food sensations, called “Eat Memory“. It very clearly sums up why I love degustation menus so much – it’s not about the “poshness” or anything silly like that’s, it’s about putting your trust in the work of a great chef… Read More »

Workchoices Dead, Buried and Cremated?

So Tony Abbott has already made a series of gaff ridden statements about the how Work Choices won’t be coming back if the liberals win the election. He seems to have settled for a qualifier that they won’t attempt to change the legislation in their first term. Do I believe him? Should you believe him?… Read More »

When does an information request become discriminatory?

Hanlon’s Razor states: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. I’ve been reminding myself of Hanlon’s Razor quite a bit over the last month or so – every time I think of the recent story of a friend who applied for life insurance with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia –… Read More »

Hanlon's Razor

I’m constantly surprised when people haven’t heard of Hanlon’s Razor, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain why it’s so important. If you’ve not heard of it before – or hadn’t heard the ‘formal’ name, it goes like this: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. I was… Read More »

iPhone 4 Delayed in Australia?

I personally can’t wait to test out the much touted reception issues with the iPhone 4. You probably think I’m crazy, but actually, I’m perfectly lucid for one clear reason: in order to do that, I’ll have waved goodbye to Vodafone, since I’ll be shifting carriers when I get an iPhone 4. When I got… Read More »

The boganisation of the asylum seeker discussion

The asylum seeker discussion in Australia – most notably the discussion about people who attempt to travel to Australia via unauthorised means – has for the last decade been increasingly boganised. It’s been taken over by the Today Tonight/A Current Affair world of absolutes and sensationalism – of 30 second sound grabs and thinly veiled… Read More »

Shelving is not canning

It’s come out today that the Australian Labor Party has “shelved” implementation of the mandatory internet filter until after the election. According to SMH, “Conroy backs down on net filters“: Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has capitulated to widespread concerns over his internet censorship policy and delayed any mandatory filters until at least next year. Academics,… Read More »

Gillard on Internet Censorship – Same old tripe

Recently someone finally got around to asking Julia Gillard, Australia’s new prime minister, what she was going to do about the mandatory internet censorship filter. Proving herself to perhaps be more a Thought Dictator In Waiting, Julia trotted out the same old tripe, according to the ABC, about “protecting the children”. Indeed, moving on to… Read More »