Monthly Archives: June 2010

Julia for PM?

The news sites are awash with stories about the leadership spill coming at 9am this morning in Australia. If even half of the media is correct, Julia Gillard will become Australia’s first female prime minister, and Kevin Rudd will become the first Labor prime minister to ever be kicked out of office by his own… Read More »

Finance calculators: obfuscated UIs or just sneaky?

If you want to look at obfuscated user interfaces, you rarely have to look further than finance calculators. These handy little widgets sit on a lot of online retailers and financial institution sites providing an easy mechanism for showing just how cheaply you can pay for something really expensive. However, they rarely tell the full… Read More »

What's wrong about homophobia?

These days I try to make an effort to not call someone homophobic. Instead I settle for a simpler word – bigot. There’s a very important reason why I do that. We don’t tend to call racists xenophobic, and usually when we do, it’s only because xenophobia sounds slightly more polite than racism. The simple… Read More »

Why I rail against the extreme (religious) right

Explanation I recently was questioned on why I call the extreme religious right hate-mongers and bigots. The temptation was to simply reply “because they are, end of story”, but in reality it needed a little better explanation, so I took a few days to think about it and composed a reply to the person who… Read More »

One week with the iPad

Exactly 8 days ago today, 2 beautifully packaged iPads arrived at my house, having pre-ordered them for their May 28 release in Australia. “Pah”, you say, “I can already see he’s an Apple fanboy! Who cares about packaging?” Many consumers actually do care about the packaging. This is one thing where Apple indisputably does better… Read More »