Monthly Archives: May 2010

The walled garden vs the overrun garden

One of the common criticisms of Apple is that their processes and control regarding the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad products is that they create a “walled garden”. I disagree with the “walled garden” criticism when we consider unfettered net access is available from the phone – you can’t get much more open than that,… Read More »

Dear Vodafone

Dear Vodafone, In the beginning, our relationship was fun. You helped me buy my first iPhone, and all you asked in return was for 24 months of love and attention on my part. To start with, all I noticed was the iPhone, but as that just became another limb, I started to realise that you… Read More »

What century is it, Excel?

Both my partner and I have been working on two different versions of the same spreadsheet recently, and he ended up sending through his copy for me to look at alongside mine. Excel however, had different ideas: This comes down to a “dumb architecture decision”. I think Excel even acknowledges this: …even if the documents… Read More »

SME Server / e-smith and DNS Caching

I’ve had an ongoing problem with an SME Server I administer whereby it would not honour DNS changes, no matter how long you left them, until you rebooted the machine. Various searching of SME forums seemed to indicate that SME Server (7.x) wasn’t meant to do any name caching. However, it was. I finally tracked… Read More »

No sympathy for the devil

Over at Huffington Post, there’s a story about a Spanish Matador who was gored in the throat during a bullfight. The only part of this article that left me feeling sad was the following quote: The bull, however, was quickly killed by other matadors. Am I a card-holding member of PETA? Not likely. What the… Read More »

Malawi justice not fit for animals

Over in Malawi, a vile human rights violation was committed overnight. (Malawi is an small eastern African nation which borders Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia.) Now, the violation in question was the sentencing of two gay men who dared to express their love for one another to 14 years hard labour. Overall, this doesn’t come as… Read More »