Monthly Archives: March 2010

Increased attention to the Robin Hood Tax

While the campaign has been going strong in the UK for a Robin Hood Tax, in Australia people are just starting to talk about it. Luckily, there’s some damn good people who are starting to talk about it. Take for instance, Peter Singer, one of Australia’s leading ethicists, who in this SMH article today says:… Read More »

Oh it's about as fabulis as a punch in the crotch from an angry monkey

As a follow-up to my previous comments about the overhyped release of a popularity contest, aka Fabulis, I thought I’d document the poor responses I’ve received so far about deleting the account I created on there before I realised just how silly a site it was. The first response from the site founder, Jason Goldberg,… Read More »

Goodbye, Western Digital

I’m done with Western Digital’s drives. Over the past 5 years I’ve personally purchased at least 10 of their external drives, and have recommended friends or small companies I have involvement with to buy twice as many again. I’ve probably purchased at least 10 or more of their internals as well. So that’s a fair… Read More »

No gold star for you, LG

The Sydney Morning Herald today reported that LG has found themselves in some hot water over dodgy practices for certification of green credentials for their refrigerators. In fact, I’d say that the water is well over hot, and edging towards scalding. Quoting the article (since eventually the link will probably disappear): AN ELECTRONICS manufacturer with… Read More »