Monthly Archives: February 2010

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

The Sydney Morning Herald reports today that Pauline Hanson, one of the most divisive figures in Australian politics over the last several decades is planning on emigrating to Britain. If you’re not familiar with Pauline, she eventually founded a party called One Nation, famously lampooned as One Notion, and which appeared to be shorthand for… Read More »

All this iPad sounds like feminine hygiene talk belittles the conversation

OK, I’m over the “iPad = iFeminineHygiene” meme that’s been going around the net since the launch of the iPad. For some it’s a giggle, for others it’s a serious reason to criticise Apple. For me, it smacks of over sensitivity and a puerile, juvenile argument. A while ago, Alex Barrett on Twitter wrote: As a… Read More »