Monthly Archives: January 2010

5 Mac Apps that are indispensable to me

Here’s my “top 5” Mac apps that I just consider to be so indispensable that I install them by default when I’m building myself a new system. No hesitation, no questioning, they just get installed while I’m still running the first round of patches: Growl – A system-wide notification system that allows apps to post… Read More »

The funny thing about the Apple Tablet…

…is how all the people who either dislike or actively loathe Apple are whipping themselves into an absolute frenzy of denial about the flaws and failures of a product that hasn’t even been released yet. It won’t do this, it won’t do that. It will fail. It sounds eerily like all the pre-iPhone talk. Folks,… Read More »

Poison dipped in chocolate in still poison

In my previous post, I mentioned a few reasons why I don’t always feel proud of Australia, and felt that it was important to talk about that on Australia Day. My first point, for the record, was: I am a second class citizen. This is the 14th year my partner and I have been living… Read More »

Why I'm not proud to be an Australian today

January 26 is Australia Day. It’s meant to be a day of national celebration and pride, and sure, we’ve got a lot to celebrate. But I think there’s not enough time spent during Australia Day reflecting what’s wrong with the nation, and what we need to fix. So today, rather than talking about proud I… Read More »

No surprise there: Australian telcos overcharge for SMS

The SMH online has an article titled “Consumers being ‘abused’ by text message price rort“. It could perhaps be said that the only truly remarkable thing about the article is that it might take someone by surprise. Australian Telcos are renown for gouging and sucking consumers dry in comparison to other countries. A few key… Read More »