How would superheroes respond to Trump?

Genesis: It’s one of those bands that’s fashionable to dislike, but you can’t deny it had popularity in its day. Personally, I come and go with their music; occasionally I’ll play a track or two, but it’s not often I seek it out. But when Donald Trump was elected, I spent months with a refrain… Read More »

Parliamentary marriage equality bingo

So we’re at the start of a long campaign for a postal vote on marriage equality in Australia. That gives us time to prepare for a little game we’ll call Parliamentary Marriage Equality Bingo. Just what excuses will the miscreants in the Liberal/National government come up with to explain why they’ll still vote against marriage equality (or… Read More »

The “no” campaign is unwittingly promoting child abuse

“Wait, what!?” I hear you say, “They’re not even talking about marriage. They’re only talking about protecting children!” The elephant in the room of course, that I want to deal with quickly, is that they’ve already lost the marriage equality debate. As Nick Greiner wrote so eloquently, and reported in The Guardian: “The deliberate conflating… Read More »

An open letter about the marriage equality debate in Australia

Introduction And so there seems to be every chance Australia is heading towards a voluntary, non-binding postal survey on marriage equality, given our ineffectual conservative government has a bug in its proverbial about doing anything to avoid the words “gay” and “married” appearing in any legally actionable sentence that doesn’t also include the word “denied”. As… Read More »

The overwhelming stupidity of government mandated encryption back-doors

In addition to the UK Conservatives continuing to demand an end to encryption on the vapid grounds of somehow preventing terrorism, the Australian government is keen to prove the UK Tory party doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity by calling for a similar policy within the Five Eyes programme. The Attorney General, who loves seeing… Read More »

Margaret courts with Freedom of Preach

Margaret Court, former tennis player and now reverend of a church in Western Australia, made the news again recently by returning to publicly remind everyone of her personal beef against marriage equality. Marriage equality, she argues, is against the bible and so that should be the end of the story. As a result, she publicly… Read More »

Lemon Meringue Latham

A few weeks ago, Alan Joyce, openly gay CEO of Qantas, was deliberately hit in the face with a pie at a speaking engagement. Not a scalding hot meat pie, but a soft and non-damaging (or so we’re told by the assailant) lemon-merangue pie. The reason for the attack was as an openly gay man, Alan Joyce has… Read More »

Billions of humans facing dawning realisation they live in awful alternate reality

Horrific dystopian alternate realities are a mainstay of science fiction. Star Trek notably returned again and again (and again, and again, and again and again and again, and then a few more times just to annoy you) to the Mirror Universe, where evil people grew goaties, left was right, dogs were rats, and deodorant only came in one… Read More »